Top funding rounds in 2020 for Austin companies

Savannah Mazanowski
Top funding rounds in 2020 for Austin...

The global pandemic made 2020 the most challenging year most American businesses have ever experienced. The fallout also impacted the level of VC funding rounds in the tech space. 

Despite the pandemic, however, fundings in the Austin market were nevertheless robust and extremely promising. A list recently posted by Austin Inno of the top funding rounds for Austin companies in 2020 includes 57 companies that kept Austin in the running as one of the hottest VC funding markets in the U.S.

Top funding rounds for Austin companies in 2020

  1. Torchy’s Tacos: $400 million in private equity
  2. Everlywell: $175 million series D and a $25 million series C
  3. Shattuck Labs: $118 million series B
  4. RVshare: $100 million
  5. Vapor IO: $90 million series C
  6. Homeward: $20 million in venture funding and $85 million in debt financing
  7. OJO Labs: $62.5 million series D
  8. DISCO: $60 million in venture funding and $40 million in debt funding
  9. FlashParking: $60 million in private equity
  10. Ambiq Micro: $55.8 million in venture funding
  11. ZenBusiness: $55 million series B
  12. Triumvira Immunologics: $55 million series A
  13. Aceable: $50 million series C
  14. ActivTrak: $50 million series B
  15. Restream: $50 million series A
  16. Uhnder: $45 million series C
  17. Self Financial: $40 million series D and $20 million series C
  18. Eagle Eye Networks: $40 million series E
  19. The Zebra: $38.5 million series C
  20. ICON: $35 million series A
  21. Coder: $31.8 million series B
  22. SpyCloud: $30 million series C
  23. RigUp: $28.7 million in venture funding
  24. Savara Pharmaceuticals: $26.8 million in post-IPO equity
  25. $26 million series B
  26. TFFPost: $25.9 million in post-IPO equity
  27. The Guild: $25 million series B
  28. Prospect Pools Group: $24.4 million in private equity
  29. Medici: $24 million series B
  30. Riskpulse: $22.7 million series A
  31. SigmaSense: $22 million series A
  32. Pattern Bioscience: $21.9 million corporate funding
  33. Sana Benefits: $20.8 million series A
  34. Membersy: $20 million debt funding
  35. Fetch Package: $18 million series B
  36. Overhaul: $17.5 million venture funding
  37. Tiff’s Treats: $15 million venture round and $10 million in venture funding
  38. Altr: $15 million venture round
  39. AlertMedia: $15 million series C
  40. Tecovas: $15 million series B
  41. CesiumAstro: $14 million debt financing
  42. Wheel: $13.9 million series A
  43. Atmosphere: $13.7 million series A
  44. Babson Diagnostics: $13.7 million series A
  45. SourceDay: $12.5 million series B
  46. Podium Education: $12 million Series A
  47. Ontic: $12 million series A
  48. Art Craft Entertainment: $11.7 million series A
  49. $11 million series A
  50. Locale: $11 million series A
  51. Eventus Systems: $10.5 million series A
  52. QuickStart: $10 million in venture funding
  53. Aspire Food Group: $10 million grant
  54. HealthGrowth: $10 million in debt funding
  55. Diligent Robotics: $10 million series A
  56. BeatStars: $10 million in venture funding
  57. Praetorian: $10 million series A

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