Five considerations on international growth for tech startups

Sarah Gagliardi
Five considerations on international growth...

Many tech startups feel intimidated by the idea of marketing their company overseas. Limiting your business to domestic clients means missing out on growth opportunities in international markets. Many tech startups can succeed in other countries because of the digital nature of marketing and the scalability of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model. SaaS founders need the right guidance and resources to start their international expansion.

Media outlets are a reliable way for startups to expand their brand reach beyond their home countries. When thinking about how media outlets can cross borders and cultures, it makes sense to invest in a B2B tech PR agency. Consider this option if you notice the following signs:

Lacking international media coverage

Given the United States’ significant impact on the technology industry, our domestic media coverage often reaches foreign outlets. International business journalists frequently follow American news outlets in print, web, or broadcast media. However, themes that attract substantial interest domestically may not have the same impact overseas. Localizing your news to the country in question is critical. This is why collaborating with in-country B2B tech PR agency experts is so important. They know how to engage media from their unique viewpoint.

Customer base is not global, but it could be

Your customer base shouldn’t be 99% American if your product benefits other nations too. You can’t rely on word of mouth to drive international growth. Expanding abroad requires financial investment and a solid strategy. Working with a global B2B tech PR firm that understands the target market is crucial. For example, if you want to expand to France, it’s important to collaborate with experts who know that market well. Look to Paris for your French B2B tech PR agency help.  

Expanding into new markets 

You want to create as much of an impact as you can when you’re trying to enter a new international market. Not just with your initial entry into a new market, but also building demand and brand awareness over time. It is worth locating an in-country tech PR firm that has close connections to the regional media and is knowledgeable about the kinds of messages that would appeal to regional customers. Never assume that a public relations plan that works well at home will work equally as well in Madrid, Spain. A Spanish tech PR firm that is intimately familiar with the local markets of Spain can localize the messaging, build an outbound media campaign, and leverage their contacts in the local media to score some impressive news coverage.

No experience in the target market

Expanding into a foreign market requires a thoughtful PR strategy. The success of an agency abroad depends on whether it has cultivated a network of international B2B tech agencies. To effectively enter a new market, you need an agency that can skillfully tell and sell your story. They should include native speakers of the target country’s language and have established connections with local media outlets. Consider the challenge of using a press release from an American agency translated through Google Translate for Italian media outlets. Coordinating media outreach is complex enough, and doing so in the intricate Italian media landscape presents additional difficulties. Successful PR involves localization adapting your message to fit the language and cultural nuances of the market. Partnering with an Italian tech PR agency during your market entry ensures your message resonates effectively. They can navigate the local landscape, enhancing your chances of securing substantial media coverage.

Neglected markets are green product pastures 

As you research international markets for expansion, it’s important to consider the market size and relative state of competition – both in product terms and overall market awareness of other brands. You might just stumble across a golden opportunity to get into and take over an underdeveloped market. Before undertaking such an effort, the smart move is to hire a local PR agency that truly understands the market and how best to position your company for market dominance. For example, the size and complexity of the German media market argues that you hire a German B2B tech PR agency familiar with not only the customs of the German press but also the ways to communicate tech news in ways that yield favorable media coverage. 

About Sarah Gagliardi: Sarah is a Content Writer for Swyft, a tech PR agency in Austin and a top digital marketing and PR agency in Denver since its founding in 2011. Swyft recently opened a satellite office where it offers tech PR in San Francisco. Swyft was also listed as one of the top tech PR agencies in Texas by the B2B services review site, 

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