5 End of Summer Vacation Ideas for Busy Startup Founders

Kennedy Nuñez
5 End of Summer Vacation Ideas for Busy...

When you’re busy building a startup, it can be easy to spend all of your waking hours working or thinking about what needs to be done next. But if you don’t take a necessary break and give yourself time to recharge, your performance will suffer. 

So, with summer coming to a conclusion, now is the perfect time to close your laptop, turn off your phone, and go on a much-needed vacation. 

To inspire your pre-fall getaway trip, we’ve compiled a list of five fun end-of-summer vacation ideas for all of you harried startup founders.

Rent an Airbnb at a local lake

Like many, you may be hesitant to leave the country, or even the state, during this time. But that doesn’t mean you have to discard the idea of a vacation entirely. No matter where you go, you can experience the warm feeling of a tropical vacation if you know where to look. For example, you could consider renting an Airbnb at a nearby lake or body of water to capture that summertime feeling. 

Enjoy your time away from devices and a fast-paced routine by spending your time on the water, whether by renting a boat or riding a jet ski. If you don’t like water and are simply there for the vibes and views, you could enjoy a barbecue or roast some s’mores by the fire pit. These summer-y restful activities will take your mind off of work and allow you to enjoy the present moment. 

Staycation at a luxury hotel downtown

Another option for a quick end-of-summer vacation is to take a drive downtown and stay in a luxury hotel. You don’t have to stay in a 5-star hotel in Dubai to enjoy the finer things in life, and you shouldn’t. A luxury staycation is not only convenient, but it allows you to safely splurge and treat yourself without the added hassle of booking a flight or researching hotel reviews on the internet in overseas locations.

Spend your trip relaxing by the pool or getting a massage at the hotel spa. Alternatively, you could dine or grab a drink at the hotel’s upscale restaurant. Plus, you never know who you might run into. Even though you’re on vacation, networking can occur in any location and at any time of day. As a startup founder, you should always be ready to share your elevator pitch if you happen to run into a potential client or investor — even during your staycation.

Rent an RV

Renting an RV is an excellent way to get the most bang for your buck. Whether you bring the entire family or gather a group of friends, an RV is a great way to travel across the country and check off multiple locations or landmarks on your bucket list. 

While RVs allow you to spend time with your loved ones, they also provide more privacy and space than driving in a car which means you may be able to squeeze in a little work while traveling. Just keep in mind that you’re taking this break to replenish your mental batteries, so try to limit your work time so it doesn’t get in the way of quality time spent on the road. 

Take a road trip 

If you don’t want to drive a big RV and are fine with adding mileage to your car, then the traditional road trip is perfect for you. While road trips may require a little more planning, they are a great way to unplug and get those creative juices flowing, especially when you take the scenic route.

There are even several excellent apps to make your car trip as enjoyable and painless as possible. WeeWeeFree is an app that helps you locate restroom stops and even identifies features like a baby station, family restroom, gender-neutral restroom, and special needs restroom. Roadtrippers is another excellent app that lets you enter your trip’s beginning and ending points and then suggests locations to visit in between. This takes the hassle out of identifying  restaurants and hotels to breweries and historic landmarks along your designated route..

Fly to Mexico

If you’re eager to explore a new part of the world but don’t want to veer too far from home, Mexico is a wonderful option that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Not to mention, Mexico boasts some of the most breathtaking cities in the world — Tulum, Cancún, and Puerto Vallarta, to name a few — which will offer you the adventure and inspiration you need as a busy startup founder.

Depending on where you stay in Mexico, there are endless activities to partake in. For a one-of-a-kind hike, Monkey Mountain in Nayarit, Mexico will take you through a trail that winds through the jungle and ends with sweeping bay views. You could also go diving in Cozumel, take a train ride through Copper Canyon, or visit the ancient Mayan ruins. Whatever your ideal vacation, there are a plethora of options throughout the country to end your summer on a high note. 

About Kennedy Nunez: Kennedy is a Business Development Associate for Swyft, which is a tech PR firm in Austin and Houston and a top digital marketing and PR agency in Denver since its founding in 2011. Swyft also has a small satellite office where it offers tech PR in San Francisco. Swyft has been listed as one of the top tech PR agencies in Texas for two years running by the B2B services review site, Clutch.co.

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