10 PR tips for getting into TechCrunch

Dave Manzer
10 PR tips for getting into TechCrunch

For many tech startups in Silicon Valley, and other tech hotspots like Austin, Boston and Seattle, the allure of getting into a popular tech media outlet like TechCrunch is too strong to pass up. In fact, when startup founders think about getting into the ‘news,’ it is often the implied target. And for good reason. With over 12 million unique visitors, TechCrunch is the undisputed Everest of tech media.

For those not already familiar with its history, J. Michael Arrington and Keith Teare co-founded TechCrunch in 2005 as an early player in a new crop of online publications totally dedicated to covering tech startups and their founders. What set TechCrunch apart from the other tech-focused media was its record of reporting breaking news before others could – especially high-profile funding announcements. Courtesy of a stable of prolific (sometimes irreverent) tech writers, TechCrunch eventually cemented its status as ‘king-maker’ in the eyes of the tech world.

The benefits of getting into TechCrunch may be universally known in the tech community but nevertheless here is a quick overview:

  • Startup buzz
  • First-mover advantage
  • Website traffic
  • Downloads
  • Investor awareness
  • Social sharing

With benefits like these it should not come as a surprise that getting into TechCrunch is a daunting task for a vast majority of startups. It used to be that if you raised a million dollar seed round you stood a good chance of getting a write-up. Nowadays, in the era of massive seed rounds, celebrity founders and unicorn valuations, the bar has risen higher than ever before.

But don’t despair. I have written a white paper that gives you the whole truth and nothing but the truth on how startups can leverage trends, titles and technology to improve their shot at getting to the top of the Mt. Everest of tech media. To download the white paper, please request one here now.

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