Top VC Firms in Austin

Savannah Mazanowski
Top VC Firms in Austin

As Austin tech startups continue to close on dozens of funding rounds worth millions of dollars it’s important to look at another aspect of the market: venture capital firms. VC firms provide private equity funding for startups that have shown high growth, often resulting from a disruptive approach to a traditional market. The Austin market is ripe for VC firms, with over 100 VC firms in Austin that have invested in 130 companies so far in 2020.

With so many VC firms operating in Austin, we’ve compiled a list to help Austin tech startups get a better idea of the top VC firms in Austin.


Founded in 1984, AustinVentures is the oldest venture capital firm in the city. In their nearly 40-year history, the VC firm has funded more than 250 companies in Texas with investments adding up to almost $3 billion. AustinVentures has a strong proclivity to work with Texas-based companies, executives, and entrepreneurs and focuses on early stage and middle market investments. 

LiveOak Venture Partner

LiveOak Venture Partners is a VC firm founded in Austin with a focus on helping local tech startups by providing early-stage funding. Having made 59 total investments since its founding in 2012, LiveOak has invested in 11 companies so far in 2020 and is a lead investor for six of them. The most recent occurred in October for DISCO, which raised a total of $60 million.

Quake Capital Partners

Founded in Austin in 2016, Quake Capital Partners is a VC firm and accelerator with a global presence. With accelerator programs in Austin, Los Angeles, and New York City, their goal is to work with founders on leadership development and connect them to Quake’s financial partners. The VC firm handles a wide range of industries with 156 total investments, 65 in which the firm is a lead investor. 

Silverton Partners

Silverton Partners is a familiar face in the Austin VC scene, often listed as a top VC firm for tech startups. Founded in 2006, Silverton Partners has been a leader in the Austin tech startup funding market. With 141 total investments (45 as the lead investor), Silverton has currently invested in 14 companies since the start of 2020. The latest of which occurred in late August for Austin tech startup Restream.

Next Coast Ventures

Founded in 2015, Next Coast Ventures is a native Austin VC firm that partners with innovative startups that range from early-stage to high-growth companies. The firm has invested in 48 total deals, 16 of which have taken place in 2020, the most notable being Austin healthcare company Everlywell. Next Coast Ventures has the highest number of investments for an Austin VC firm so far in 2020 according to CrunchBase Austin Venture Capital Investors Hub

S3 Ventures

Touted as the largest VC firm focused on Texas companies, S3 Ventures is also considered one of the top VC firms in Austin. The firm focuses on Texas entrepreneurs, investing mainly in companies within tech markets such as business, digital consumer brands, and healthcare tech. They often lead seed, series A, and series B investments. With 65 total investments, three have occurred so far in 2020, the latest of which was for IFM Restoration’s series A funding round in April.

ATX Venture Partners

Considered one of the top VC firms in Austin, ATX Venture Partners is a highly regarded VC firm with a focus on B2B technologies. The VC firm has made 58 investments since its founding in 2014, with six happening in 2020. The latest investment was as a lead investor for a series A funding for Slingshot Aerospace, an Austin based AI and analysis company.

Sputnik ATX

With 35 total investments since its founding in 2017, Sputnik ATX is a VC firm that not only works to fund startups but to accelerate their growth through their accelerator program. With a broad investment portfolio, Sputnik ATX invests in a wide array of industries from fintech to construction. Its most recent investment occurred on September second for Austin startup Trashbots.

Capital Factory

Founded in 2008, Capital Factory is an Austin based startup hub and VC firm working to amplify tech startups in Texas. With 151 total investments (seven which have occurred in 2020) Capital Factory is dedicated to building Texas startups by providing not only investments, but all the support and resources a startup could need to grow. Their work has earned them a spot on the Austin Business Journals’ most active VC and Private Equity list for 2020. The last funding they took part in was in June for Houston startup Goodfair.

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