Weekly Roundups: 4 Austin Startups to Watch 

Lara Tanner
Weekly Roundups: 4 Austin Startups to Watch 

Want to stay up to date on the latest startup fundings, launches, and expansions in Austin? Startup Over Coffee’s weekly roundup of Austin startups to watch will keep you in the loop on the latest Austin tech news.

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Leo Resig co-founded Atmosphere in Austin to develop a streaming video service for places such as hotels, bars, gyms, and auto shops. This Austin-based startup is growing rapidly, currently employing 290 people with a trajectory to double their headcount by hiring 350 new employees this year! 

After recently raising $100 million in funding, Atmosphere has just announced it’s moving locations. This move, occurring in 2023, is an upgrade to a building six times larger than its current location. 

Place Technologies Inc. 

Austin-based startup Place Technologies Inc., which focuses on financial forecasting and business analytics, has just announced raising $3.25 million in new capital. This gain bumps their total capital to $10 million. Place is planning to use its new funding to expand the upper management team and accelerate the growth of its marketing momentum and product development. 

Place Technologies was founded in 2018 by Brandon Metcalf and Kabe Vanderbaan, with the intent to develop software solutions that will help early-stage software companies effectively run their businesses. 


Satellite imagery startup SkyFi has just raised $7.15 million in new funding with the help of Moving Capital, J2 Ventures, Bill Perkins, Capital Factory, and angel investors. According to Payload, this startup aims to lower entry barriers to gain custom satellite imagery and allow users to task a satellite. 

Overall, their goal is to democratize satellite image ordering and delivery. SkyFi is led by CEO Luke Fischer, an entrepreneur-in-residence at Shield Capital and co-founder of Help For Afghanistan. 


Self-Financial, an Austin company, is growing rapidly through acquiring St. Louis-based RentTrack. They currently have 255 employees, 55 more than in September, when the company announced a round of Series E funding. Self-Financial also plans to hire 100 more people this year. 

Self-Financial provides credit-builder loans to consumers and uses RentTrack’s acquisition to gain a consumer-facing platform that allows people to improve their credit scores using existing payments for things such as cell phone bills, rent, and utilities.


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